The Official Rain Cloud Humidifier

Official Rain Cloud Humidifier mimics the sounds of natural rain falling right beside your ears so you can peacefully & easily dive into deep sleep.

We Provide High Quality Rain Cloud Diffuser

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Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, or just add clean water to act as a humidifier in your room!

Our Calming Rain diffuser is rated one of the #1 humidifiers of 2023. It’s the perfect combination of essential oils and soothing rain showers.

Various Color Settings

The Raindrop Humidifier has 7 amazing colors to choose from. One color for every day of the week! It will upgrade your room and choose your favorite color to create a perfect vibe.

 CHEAPER than competitors

 FREE shipping & no hassle returns

✓ Relieves up to 94% Sleeping Problems  

✓ 88% Increase in Productive Studying

 Sounds that no other diffuser can produce

 7 Different color changing modes

 Up to 15 hours wireless battery time

 Adjustable water flow speed

 Adjustable Breathing mode on color changing button

Fall Asleep to the Soothing Sounds of Rain.

Clean Natural Rain Sounds
Enjoy the peaceful embrace of true raindrops, it's perfect for a relaxing night in.
7 LED Lighting Options
Choose from 7 solid colors and color-shifting modes, and adjustable brightness levels.
Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier 
Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, or just add clean water to act as a Rain Cloud Lamp in your room!
  • Super Long Time for diffusing the oil:can last above 48 hours for add water once diffuse the essential oil with the flowing water
  • Humidify the dry air a little and will not add too much moisture to the air;adding ambiance to your living room, office, bedroom, or anywhere you need to add a relaxing touch. the flowing water can add some negative ion and energy to the environment
  • 7 changing colors lights The night light create a relaxing & comfortable atmosphere that is good for sleep
  • The product is made with BPA free and food grade material
  •  Can work seperately without connecting to the power:When the battery is fully charged, it can work for more than 15 hours.

Diffuse Essential Oil With Flowing Water

The gentle sound of flowing water can be a meditative experience, Its compact size makes Rain Light perfect for anywhere, whether it's a sprawling living room, a cozy bedside table, or an office where you just need that extra piece of serenity.

Relieve Your Stress: Pair your favorite essential oil with our Rain Cloud humidifier and turn your room into a divine oasis while listening to the mesmerizing sound of rain.

Various Color Settings

Set The Perfect Mood: Features seven changeable LED colors so you can set the perfect mood in your space, depending on your state of mind.

Snuggle Into Deep Sleep Within Minutes!

Unlike some of the other diffusers, Rain Cloud Humidifier Tiktok mimics the sound of calming rain that soothes your mind. Wake up the next day feeling the best version of yourself!our Rain Cloud Humidifier mimics the sound of calming rain that soothes your mind.

Extra Features

The Rain Cloud Humidifier Tiktok can work without connecting to a cable or power outlet. The speed of raindrops can be changed by the click of a button + the lights are dimmable. Set it up any way, any where up to your liking. 

Most Popular Raincloud Humidifier

Imagine yourself on a cold winter night, snuggling in the warmth of your cozy bed, ready to dive into deep sleep however all that is missing is the mesmerizing and soothing sound of gentle rain drops.